For the Record – Doug Spencer

Lya Fichmann – December 5, 2018

On today’s episode of For the Record we talked to Doug Spencer, a former Vancouver Police officer and gang expert. He also works for Odd Squad Productions Society, a non-profit organization that empowers youth to make positive life choices about drug use and criminal behavior through educational material as well as documentaries.

With the rise of gang violence in Metro Vancouver, Spencer speaks about the risks that youth face and how to prevent them from getting involved in the world of gangs and crimes.

According to Public Safety Canada, there are a few aspects that identify youth gangs:

Personal name

Self-identify as a group with a name, and others also identify them as a distinct group

Negative incidents

Are involved in a number of delinquent incidents that cause consistent negative responses from the community and authorities

Social issues

Youth at risk of getting involved in gangs tend to be from groups that suffer from the higher levels of inequality and social disadvantage

Gun and drugs

There is a relation between gang presence in schools and the availability of both guns and drugs in schools