The damage to my reputation is irreparable, says suspended BC Legislature Clerk

Sean Holden/ November 26, 2018

Craig James (Second from the right) and Gary Lenz (Second from the Left)
(BCIT News)

The BC Legislature Clerk, Craig James, said he was blindsided when he and the Sergeant-at-Arms, Gary Lenz were removed from the House last Wednesday by RCMP.

“I am left in the position of not being able to respond because no-one has told me what the allegations are, or asked me for my side of the story…I have been deeply impacted by what has occurred as has my wife, my family, friends, and relatives.” – Craig James, Office of the Clerk of the Legistlative Assembly.

Both James and Lenz addressed media at their Lawyers building in Downtown Vancouver Monday. The two called to be reinstated to their positions pending the outcome of an investigation that’s currently underway.

It’s still not publicly known why they were suspended.

Following a unanimous vote by MLA’s during the morning of November 21st, NDP House Leader Mike Farnworth announced the Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms would be immediately removed. Both were placed on paid leave.

Authorities have been tight-lipped on the details of the inquiry, stating that they did not want to compromise the investigation.

However, Lenz and James state they have not been interviewed by police or approached by the two special prosecutors assigned to the case as of yet and remain in the dark.

When James was asked if he believed the investigation was linked to the moving around of legislative money he stated that he had no idea.

“I’ve established process that are essentially bulletproof,” he said.

Gary Lenz began tearing up while at the conference.

“When I got home I didn’t have a phone, didn’t have any way of communicating to my family,” he said.

Lenz said his daughter received a message after his removal, “She was at work and she says she got a text, it said sorry to hear about your father. Our prayers are with your family.”

Lenz stated that his daughter believed he had died from the suggestion of the text. He added that the investigation has taken a toll on his family.

“Let the process continue, let the investigation take place, let’s get to this as quickly as possible so that I can get my name cleared and we can live.”

No formal charges have been laid against Lenz and James. BCIT News will have more details as the investigation continues.

With files from Kareem Gouda