For the Record – Harry Turner of Our Future Our Choice

Laura Johnston / November 16, 2018

(Facebook / Our Future Our Choice)

On this edition of For the Record, I spoke with Harry Turner about the current state of Brexit Britain. Harry is a British-Canadian living in London, and a general politics buff. He is also a video producer at Our Future Our Choice, a London-based group that organizes university students to lobby their local MPs to support a second Brexit referendum.

We chatted about Theresa May’s recent draft of the final Brexit deal, the reaction in Britain, and how all of this will affect young people as well as Canadians.

Take a listen below!

“When you look at the polling, the huge majority of young people voted to remain in the EU and the majority of older people voted to leave. It really seems like people who have lived their lives already are taking a future from people who have not yet had the chance.”

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