For the Record – Irina McKenzie of Frameworq

Laura Johnston / November 14, 2018

I spoke with Irina McKenzie about the work she does with Frameworq, VPL clothing Fix-It workshops, her work with the Vancouver Sustainable Fashion Designers group, and the fabric pick-up service Fabcycle. (Courtesy / Irina McKenzie)

Irina McKenzie is Vancouver’s resident apparel sustainability expert.

She is changing the Vancouver textile industry through multiple community-based initiatives. McKenzie founded and runs Frameworq Education Society – a non-profit that runs workshops and clothing fix-it classes, FABCYCLE which works with business to recycle fabric waste, and the Vancouver Sustainable Fashion Designers group, which connects local sustainable fashion designers. She also does sustainability work for Vancouver Fashion Week and is the Vancouver Regional Manager for Fashion Revolution.

Irina also runs regular clothing fix-it events in partnership with Vancouver Public Libraries where people can register to learn mending techniques and clothing repair skills. For the first time, a pockets workshop is taking place this weekend, where a master seamstress will teach registrants how to add pockets to their favourite garments.

(Courtesy / Irina McKenzie)

(Courtesy / Irina McKenzie)

(Courtesy / Irina McKenzie)

Listen below for our chat about keeping textiles out of landfills, upcycling, and what people can do with clothing to reduce their environmental footprint.