For The Record – Glimpse into the current landscape of Calgary’s 2026 Olympic bid

Graham Cox – Nov. 8, 2018

For today’s For The Record, my guest is Bill Cooper. Bill is currently the Chief Operating Partner of TTG Canada and formerly was the Director of Commercial Rights for the Vancouver 2010 Organizing Committee.

Calgary is currently in their bidding process for a chance to host the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games. The current process has been thorough and just passed a vote by city council in regards to finances.

The next stage of the bidding process is an upcoming plebiscite to be voted on by the citizens of Calgary. If approved, the bid can move forward.

Throughout the whole process, more fact and more answers have come out. With that greater transparency, I think that Calgarians feel more empowered to make an informed decision.

In the interview, Bill and I discuss the current landscape of the 2026 bid, what has changed in the process since Vancouver, what the stance of the Calgary Board of Trade is, and what does the city stand to gain out of being a host again.