High sea levels could damage the Vancouver Seawall

Jason Manaois / October 30, 2018

Vancouver Seawall

(Courtesy of mzagerp/ Flickr.com)

Stanley Park Ecology Communications Specialist Kathleen Stormont, is worried wildlife around the Stanley Park Seawall could be significantly impacted by rising sea levels. According to Stormont, water levels are predicted to rise by one metre by 2100. This could have severe consequences on the ecosystem, as the intertidal zone home for many marine creatures, and used by birds as a source of food could be wiped completely. The birds would then have to adapt and move to another place to feed since there would not be enough food for the species.

For the Seawall, a rise in sea levels by a metre could damage the Vancouver tourist attraction. This is due to high tides and other storm like conditions would have a greater effect because of all the excess water.

“So in Stanley Park we actually have high topography so we have cliffs. We’re not gonna be necessarily completely inundated by the seas, but one phenomenon that will occur is called coastal squeeze.” – Kathleen Stormont, Communications Specialist/ Stanley Park Ecology

For now, ecologists are still researching the exact ramifications that could result from sea levels rising, but Stormont said the one metre expectation could be as high as two metres as others have predicted. She also said that while we urge political leaders to lead, we as citizens also have to reduce our green house gas emissions.

“This is why we need to act right now. It is an urgent need for us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions right now, and that’s going to take a lot of political will ” – Kathleen Stormont, Communications Specialist/ Stanley Park Ecology

Stanley Park wildlife

(Courtesy of ongster.com)