Michael Beck / October 30, 2018

Many animals like the Monarch butterfly are seeing large number declines
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60 percent of the world’s wildlife has vanished since 1970.

A new report from the World Wildlife Fund said well over half of the world’s animals have been wiped out between 1970 and 2014.

The WWF blames the animals decline on habitat loss and resource overexploitation, but also says climate change is a growing threat.

The animal population in the world’s fresh water ecosystems has plummeted by 83%. However; In Canada fresh water eco systems are deemed plentiful.

The hardest hit areas are South/Central America which has reported 89% wildlife reduction.

Calgary Olympic bid faces cancelation

Jeromy Farkas, a Calgary counselor will put forward a motion to cancel the city’s 2026 winter Olympic bid today.

The motion comes after the federal government says it won’t contribute more then half of the bill.

If the motion is passed by the assessment committee, city council would vote as early as tomorrow to scrap the Olympic bid.

Calgarians could miss hosting its second Olympic Games if the motion passes.
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Hundreds are expected to turn out to UBC’s candlelight vigil tonight
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Vigil at UBC Hillel house tonight for victims of Pittsburgh shooting

Hillel BC is hosting a Vigil on UBC’s campus tonight, for the victims of Saturdays Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

The Vigil came about after 11 people were killed and another 6 injured when a lone shooter entered the Tree of Life synagogue Saturday afternoon.

Many people are expected outside the Hillel house tonight when the event begins at 4 pm.