Local artists feature new art to protest Kinder Morgan

Jason Manaois / October 29, 2018

Marta Robertson-Smyth outside of the Vancouver Law Courts. (Courtesy of Ahmadullah Rahmat)

The fight against Kinder Morgan continues to proceed as over 240 people have already been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. The latest to face charges of criminal contempt of court are two local artists.

Local artists Pia Massie and Marta Robertson-Smyth are awaiting to face charges for blocking the gates of Kinder Morgans’s Tank Farm Facility in Burnaby. They are being joined by many supporters along with an eleven-piece art installation called, “Who Will Speak For Us?”. The piece was created by Robertson-Smyth to represent future generations.

“I feel that it’s more important for us to stand up for the environment, and for future generations than it is to break an injunction or an order.” – Marta Robertson-Smyth, local artist/Kinder Morgan protester

The piece itself are eleven cut-outs of pictures of children drawn personally by Robertson-Smyth. The people who came to support the artists held the pieces over the crowd to show unity.

The art piece known as “Who will speak for us” held by the protesters. (Courtesy of Ahmadullah Rahmat)

Pia Massie outside of the Vancouver Law Courts (Courtesy of Ahmadullah Rahmat)

The other artist facing charges is Pia Massie, who stood outside the Vancouver Provincial Courts in the rain to support the other protesters. She believes her job is more than just creating art, because artists have other obligations to society.

“I was arrested at the gates of the tank farm organizing artists who show their artwork because I think artists have the responsibility to speak up, and show the world what’s going on.” – Pia Massie, Local Artist/ Kinder Morgan Protester

Over 3o people wrote letters for Massie that she says she will be presenting in court. According to Robertson-Smyth, more people have been inspired because of their efforts.

With files from Ahmadullah Rahmat.