How to help prevent flooding in your neighbourhood

Laura Johnston / October 29, 2018

BCIT crews are on duty to rake and clear leaves from campus storm drains. (Sahil Morar / BCIT News)

With seven days of rain in the forecast, Metro Vancouver is at risk of further flooding when old drainage systems get strained.

Sunday night saw many Vancouverites stranded and soaked due to the flash of heavy rainfall.

The City of Burnaby says the best thing people can do is to step up and help clear leaves when they see a problem, as the city gets inundated with calls.

“A key part is during garbage days, people like to put out their garbage cans or anything that’s going in the garbage and put them right in the gutter along the back of the curb so it actually blocks the flow of the water or allows a spot to pool as well so then you get leaves pooling there. Another one that happens is parking too close to the curb and gutter, and the wheels may block them, if they park directly on a catch basin. Larger wheels can also impede the flow to get to the catch basin.” -Tony Kovacevic, Sewer Superintendent for the City of Burnaby

Burnaby suggests the following tips to help keep your property and your neighbourhood flood-free.

  • Clean your foundation pipes
  • Clear curb gutters & catch basins
  • Clear ditches & culverts
  • Direct your home’s drains onto splash pads (like a lawn or garden)
  • Practice extra safe driving
  • Avoid creeks & rivers

What Does the City Do?

City crews prevent flooding by clearing street catch basins, inspecting culverts, removing debris and sediments from creeks and ditches, and monitoring problem areas. Crews also monitor creeks and rivers closely and receive regular updates from the BC River Forecast Center through the Provincial Emergency Program during flooding events and freshet floods. – City of Burnaby Water & Sewers Department

In Burnaby, you can call 604-294-7221 from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. For all other hours, you can call the 24-hour Service Line at 604-294-7200.

Check out some footage of the flooding below.

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