Nicole Priebe & Tiana Mohebi – January 30, 2020

Spaces for local artists to perform are facing gentrification in Vancouver.

(Steve Louie / Flickr)

On this week’s episode of Crow’s Nest on Evolution 107.9, hosts Nicole Priebe and Tiana Mohebi dove into Vancouver’s music scene and discussed topics such as new performers getting exposure, music venues facing gentrification, and how young artists are paying tribute to old hits in a creative new way.

We also discussed the possibility of Vancouver reaching new heights in music that other major Canadian cities like Toronto have.

We had the pleasure of speaking with four individuals who are dedicated musicians and/or heavily involved in the music scene in Vancouver.

Michael Schober:

A 27 year-old classical music conductor who is carrying this traditional genre into the new generation.

Gavin DeJong (Young Chia):

Local underground Hip-Hop artist who describes his genre as “evolutionary Hip-Hop” meant to uplift others.

Grace Lee:

A Vancouver resident with a deep appreciation for live music who is involved with the organization MusicBC.

Pj Ouellet (JML): 

Vancouver Pop/Hip-Hop artist who has done everything in the local music scene from producing to performing.

Get some insight on Vancouver’s music scene: