Vancouver shares bike-friendly design for Granville Bridge Connecter

Hanna Lalonde / January 21st, 2020

This is what Granville Street Bridge looks like currently.

(@KimSnowden73 / Twitter)

The City of Vancouver says they’ve received almost 8,000 survey responses regarding a new design for Granville Bridge. In a news release, Paul Storer, the Manager of Transportation Design, said the “West Side Plus” option was the public’s favourite. As the city of Vancouver plans to restructure Granville Bridge, Vancouverites can expect to see wider sidewalks, a two-way bike lane, and safety improvements. The bridge re-design is estimated to cost between $30-$40 million.

Paul Dragan, the owner of Reckless Bike Stores in Vancouver, thinks the proposed changes to the bridge are a step in the right direction. He thinks – like most trends – biking will become more popular with increased accesibility.

“The more bike paths you see, and the more people you see on bikes, the more normal it becomes.” – Paul Dragan, Owner of Reckless Bike Stores

City statistics from 2016 state that 17,000 jobs are within a 5 minute walk of Granville Bridge; however, the city said many pedestrians feel unsafe using the bridge by foot or wheels. Paul Dragan reinforced this and said, “the challenge with Granville Bridge was that it’s ugly to ride your bike on.” He said that with the new proposal, bikers can continue onto Fir Street Ramp to Broadway level.

Paul Dragan says “in general, Vancouver in North America is probably one of the best cities to ride your bike in because it’s got reasonably good infrastructure – limited, but reasonably good.”

The city of Vancouver says they’ve allotted $25 million of their capital budget for the Granville Bridge Connecter. This redesign will also contribute to Vancouver’s “climate emergency efforts.”

“This project will give people more travel options to and from downtown that don’t contribute to congestion or pollution.” Paul Storer, Manager of Transportation Design (from City of Vancouver Press Release)

The City said that this project will help Vancouver accomplish it’s climate emergency response targets. The last renovations on Granville Bridge occurred in 2016, when contractors made repairs to the Gantry system. For more information, citizens can attend open houses on January 24th, 25th, or 28th. Vancouverites can also share their feedback online, beginning January 24th, 2020.