Vancouver Lawyer warns public to do more research on private animal shelters

Rachel Adams, Nolan Braun / January 21, 2020

The SPCA says this hasn’t been the first time they’ve had an incident with this particular property owner..

On January 19, BC SPCA officials seized 20 animals from a Langley property. Chief prevention and enforcement officer for the BC SPCA, Marcie Moriarty stated that “all of the animals removed met the definition of distress under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.”

The owner of the property, Sandra Simans operated what she claimed was an animal shelter and was reported to authorities in a complaint about dogs being locked in cages without water for extended periods.

Vancouver based animal rights lawyer Rebeka Breder says that a better vetting process is needed when people choose animal shelters.

“one of the reasons why people really need to know about this is not only because there’s this person who is horribly cruel to animals…but this person claimed that she was running a ‘rescue.’

Rebeka BrederAnimal Rights Lawyer, Breder Law

Breder says that authorities should be tougher on people who run shelters on private property.

“What concerns me and what I want the general public to realize is that people have to be very careful when someone claims that they are running a so called rescue.  This is what this woman did.”

Breder urged people looking for a shelter to make calls and ask for word of mouth references.  She stated calling the BC SPCA and the BC Humane Society was the best option, and that going online for reviews is not good enough.

The animals are currently under veterinarian care.