For the Record – Vikings still among us, a Germanic religion practiced today

Azzaya Khan – Jan 21st, 2020

Norse God of Thunder, Thor is still prayed to by Germanic religions in Canada


Norse gods and Germanic religions are typically taught as mythological history. The religion that is thought to be lost in history is practiced today in BC.

Aaron Brookes practices the teachings of the Germanic culture at home in Victoria, BC and for him it’s like practicing any other religion.

“You can see Heathenry like any other religion there are some things you’ll like and somethings you don’t like. ” – Aaron Brookes, Heathenry Priest

Brookes was raised as a Catholic growing up, but the beliefs of Catholicism wasn’t transparent enough.

“I was never pleased with the answer of one almighty god who is fair in his decisions…..if he is so fair why is there so much wrong happening on earth today.” – Aaron Brookes, Heathenry Priest

Similar to Norse gods Heathenry also believes in Oden, Thor, Loki and Frey. The religion was believed to be wiped out over the course of history as Catholicism and other branches of Christianity branched through Europe.

Part of his belief is to fight for the right purpose, while Brookes served in the military he found that 35 of his fellow servicemen also believed in Heathenry. As part of their belief they were serving to minimize suffering in the world.

Though the Germanic religion is fairly uncommon, it has gained a bad rep from groups like the Soldiers of Oden. Brookes just wants to practice his religion without having any stigmas attached to it.

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