Snowmageddon causing havoc for BCIT students

Azzaya Khan  / January 16, 2020

Students making the most of a snow day
(Azzaya Khan)

Metro Vancouverites and snow don’t get along, and now the snow is causing BCIT students to reconsider their route to campus.

“If the road conditions are this bad tomorrow as well, I am not coming to school…it’s not worth risking a car accident.” – Erica Harrison, BCIT Student

With the snow causing icy road conditions and transit delays, students still have to try their best to make it to classes if BCIT deems conditions as safe. This is according to BCIT Media Relations Officer Jocelyn Lesczynski.

“All we suggest is that you have the appropriate tires, the appropriate footwear and plan your commute ahead of time.”

Jocelyn LesczynksiBCIT Media Relations

According to Lesczynski, BCIT looks at the following elements when deciding to close campus.

  1. Is it safe enough for students to drive to school
  2. Is transit still operating at a reasonable pace
  3. Will weather give in at some point

Luckily with the upcoming forecast the snow will turn to slush and commuters will go back to packing their umbrellas.

Environment Canada
Forecast for the upcoming weekend

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