For the Record – A Tale of a Canadian Refugee

Sara Wasouf – January 14, 2020

Zainab Sourour is a refugee who has dedicated her life to social work. She has helped countless women in abusive relationships- and today, works with refugees as a settlement worker for the Surrey School District.

(Zainab Sourour)

Many refugees in Canada have built successful lives from scratch, and Zainab Sourour, is a perfect example of that.

Zainab came to Canada in 1999 as a single mother, alongside her mother and 3 year old daughter. She had lived in Egypt and worked with women in abusive relationships. When she first arrived, she applied her expertise to the same type of work again in Quebec. Today, she is a settlement worker at the Welcome Center in Surrey and works with other refugees and newcomers on a daily basis. She has helped countless of people adjust to a new life, people who she says, she loves helping.

“Being there to help, it’s something very fulfilling for me.” – Zainab Sourour, ELL Settlement Worker

To learn more about Zainab’s story, listen to the interview below.