BC government promises funding for 1000 seats of bcit nursing program

Dylan Grant / January 13, 2020

Adrian Dix speaking at the press conference for Nurse Funding
(Dylan Grant / BCITNews)

BC Health Minister Adrian Dix has announced that the government will be funding 1000 specialty nurse training seats at BCIT.

This increase will help with the growing demand for care throughout British Columbia.

The specialty nurse training program at BCIT is one of Canada’s most extensive programs. It provides nurses with advanced hands-on training for work in hospitals and community settings.

Specialty nurses work in high-skill areas, from emergency room environments to intensive care units for high risk cardiac patients.

 “The 1000 seats will help meet the demand of the future. This is a recognition of the extraordinary work of people at BCIT and the extraordinary work of people in the program”

– Adrian Dix, Minster of Health

98% of BCIT students who achieve a bachelors degree are hired. This will add an enormous amount of nurses into hospitals. With these nurses specializing in certain areas, it will lead to patients getting the attention they need.

Dix also added, “389 to 1000, those are real spaces and real instructors and an enormous challenge that the institution is taking on to help us meet the demands of healthy care into the future.”

BCIT Indigenous student nurse, Christina Dixon, chose to be a nurse because she has a desire to help others. Before nursing, she worked as a visual artist. However, Dixon felt that something was missing from her career. To Dixon, funding means they can meet their future aspirations and fill their constant desire for knowledge. Dixon says she “would be inspired to see more indigenous representation and perspective within the nursing field.” The increased availability of higher education will improve the quality of care and accessibility to those who need it.