Kwantlen First Nation calls for removal of Albion Ferry dock

Maria Vinca/ January 21, 2020

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It’s been over ten years since the Albion Ferry terminal was officially shut down because of the opening of the Golden Ears bridge in 2009. A Kwantlen First Nation resident said the ferry dock which was active for nearly 60 years, caused a lot of grief for her family.

Cheryl Gabriel lives by the Fraser River in Fort Langley her whole life and dealt with many years of gridlock car traffic when the ferry terminal was in use.

“We saw a young teenage boy walking through with our nephew. He was dragged by a lady in her car that was racing down to the ferry”- Cheryl Gabriel – Kwantlen First Nation resident

Although the 62 year old dock has been closed for the past decade, it continues to attract negative attention.

According to the CEO of the Kwantlen First Nation, the abandoned dock that outlooks the Fraser River is an ongoing magnet for trespassers and vandalism.

“During this time, we started to see a lot of parties happening, we had students showing up with bonfires, graffiti, the dock even had a code name for it on Facebook. We used to have teenagers drag race up and down Glover Road making it extremely unsafe”

Knight said the Indigenous group has asked the provincial government for years to tear down the dock but no actions were taken.

The Ministry of Transportation said that action will begin this spring, followed by the construction of a new dock which is expected to begin in the fall.

The Indigenous group said they have waited far too long for the Provincial Government to take down the rotting dock and that it has also become a safety hazard.

The dock is currently blocked off with fences and security but residents said that still doesn’t stop teenagers from finding ways to trespass.

“We don’t know how safe it is. it could break open and someone could fall through and probably die” -Kwantlen First Nation Resident