Surrey councillor criticizes own government in report card

Kenneth Pittman / January 7, 2020

Linda Annis has been a resident of Surrey for 18 years.
(Linda Annis /

A Surrey city councillor is upset with her city’s leadership in regards to public transit and the implementation of the Surrey Police department. 

In a statement released on Tuesday, city councillor Linda Annis gave Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and his four Safe Surrey councillors a “D” when it came to public transit. On top of that she also gave him an “F” for the proposed Surrey Police Department in her 2019 report card. 

“When the mayor ran, the mayor said that he would be able to build skytrains from Surrey Central to Langley for 1.65 billion. Instead he’s only been able to get a third of the way as there will only be four stops.” – Linda Annis, Surrey city coucillor

Annis stated that while there’s growing disappointment about transit, she believes the proposed Surrey Police Department is the single biggest failure to come out of city hall in 2019. 

“Right now, we don’t have a firm budget but we don’t know how much the police transition is going to cost,” Annis said. “We also don’t have a good handle on what the actual cost of operating the police department if we go ahead.”

The 324 bus is one of the popularly used bus routes in Surrey. The Surrey skytrain could go a long way to fixing efficient travel.
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Surrey has asked the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Police Department with Municipal Policing Transition.
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Though Annis is disappointed with the efforts from mayor McCallum, she says she has a plan moving forward. In her report card, she has outlined her priorities for 2020:

  • Hiring the promised ethics commissioner for the City of Surrey
  • Complete transparency around the proposed SPD and its costs, with a public referendum that gives taxpayers the final say
  • More and better transit for Surrey neighbourhoods
  • Smart development that ensures Surrey is creating a community where people can work, live and play, with less commuting to jobs outside of Surrey
  • Zero tolerance for school portables, with the City being more proactive with the Province and school board
  • More transitional housing for the homeless

“When you go into a new year, you always go in with plans that you would like to see different,” Linda Annis, Surrey city councillor

In regards to the skytrain expansion and the Surrey Police Department, Annis might be out of luck as she said the city is hamstrung by some miscalculations with the budget.