For the Record – Holiday Sustainability

Kaia Proctor – Dec 5th, 2019

Rodriguez says between plastic and living Christmas trees, living are the more sustainable option.

(Bundo Kim)

The holiday season is a time of friends, family, good cheer, and excessive waste.

According to local Green Peace leader Sofia Rodriguez North American society in particular really associates abundance with having excess.

“Bit of a problem around confusing abundance with wastefulness, that’s a trend that has leaked out into the lot of the world where the feeling that you’re safe in your abundance needs to be generated by being wasteful.”-Sophia Rodriguez, Head of the Vancouver Greenpeace volunteer group

She says blaming and guilt shaming people for their holiday habits is not a good solution, however for those who wish to lead by example, there are a lot of ways to reduce your environmental impact this December.

Click below to hear all the tips from Sofia Rodriguez on how to be sustainable this Holiday Season: