For the Record – Mental Health in Sports

Niqhil Velji – November 7th, 2019

Dr. John Ogrodniczuk helped develop “UBC Athletes Hub” to help reduce the stigmas of help-seeking

(UBC Thunderbirds)

UBC Professor Dr. John Ogrodniczuk and his daughter Mikayla Ogrodniczuk helped launch “UBC Athletes Hub” in 2017, after one of Mikayla’s teammates took her own life.

Dr. John Ogrodniczuk says the website is used to help increase awareness of mental health issues and promote health and wellness among varsity athletes at UBC.

Dr. John Ogrodniczuk adds a major part of the athlete’s hub is to help try and reduce the stigma of help seeking.

“It’s really important to normalize mental health challenges, rather than hiding it and perhaps feeling shameful about it, the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to be open and share.”

-Dr. John Ogrodniczuk, UBC Professor

What do professional sports leagues need to do?

Dr. John Orodniczuk says athletes need to use their large platforms and speak out about the issues of mental health in sports. He adds there’s been some progress as some athletes are taking matters in their own hands, but says there’s still a long ways to go.

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