For the Record – Minorities in Sports Media

Niqhil Velji – November 6th 2019

Nabil Karim says he dealt with racial profiling in his first five years as a broadcaster.

(@NabilKarimESPN – Twitter)

Anchor at ESPN Nabil Karim says his journey to the top of the sports media industry had some barriers. Karim says a lack of visibility of Shia Ismaili Muslims in sports media, caused him to question if he should pursue a career in sports media.

Karim says in the first five years of his broadcasting career he dealt with racism, he cites an example of doing Sportscentre with college Gurdeep Ahuluwalia where he says he was racially profiled and received bullying online.

Karim believes times are different now, with minorities like Faizal Khamisa, Farhan Lalji, Satiar Shah and Randip Janda all being key cogs in the sports media industry, a change in the landscape has occurred.

“You know the landscape has really changed, as far as being minority and the visibility, it’s completely changed, you look at stations around Canada and see a ton of Ismaili’s now” – Nabil Karim, ESPN

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