For the Record – Gender Inequality in University Coaching

Niqhil Velji – November, 4th 2019

Poonam Sandhu is the field hockey coach at UBC. Sandhu is one of only 2 female head coaches at UBC.

(UBC Thunderbirds)

The University of Toronto conducted a study that concluded that despite a rise in the number of female athletes in Canadian universities, the rate of female coaches is still staggeringly low. Only 17% of all head coaches at Canadian Universities are female.

The rates at the University of British Columbia are similar, 41% of all athletes are female yet only 15% of all coaches are.

UBC field hockey coach, Poonam Sandhu said from personal experience it’s easier for her to connect with other female players.

“For me it’s always been nice because I can connect to my players on a personal level, because I’ve gone through the same things at the collegiate level. I have been through the same experiences so I can understand and connect at a different level. “ – Poonam Sandhu, UBC Field Hockey Coach

What is UBC doing?

Sandhu said UBC is making a big push for gender equity in sports and the administration is working towards alternatives to get more females involved in coaching. Sandhu adds UBC is aware of the issues in coaching data and will work to make a change.

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