Morning Headlines: May 17, 2019

Maria Vinca  / May 17, 2019

Trudeau is expected to announce the end of US metal tariffs
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Trudeau is expected to announce the end of US metal tariffs

Canada and US have reached a deal to remove steel and aluminum tariffs.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making a last minute trip to Hamilton, Canada’s steel manufacturing where he’s expected to announce the end of US metal tariffs.

In order to prevent Chinese steel into the US, last year it was necessary for Canada and Mexico to have 25 per cent tariffs on steel and 10 per cent on aluminum.

Coquihalla reopens after a fatal crash south of Merritt

An accident happened between Hope and Merritt near Coldwater road just south of exit 290

Three vehicles were involved in the crash and BC emergency heath services said paramedics transported six people to the hospital and two were airlifted in critical condition.

Drugs or alcohol are not suspected to be involved, however heavy rains may have been a contributing factor.

Coquihalla has reopened both ways after a fatal crash
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Gas prices are continuing to climb in BC
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BC residents are struggling to afford necessities due to rising gas prices

According to a survey from the Angus Reid Institute, BC has the highest gas prices in Canada.

As gas prices continue to climb, over 50% of British Columbias are struggling to afford basic necessities.

Many residents feel that the government isn’t doing enough to address gas prices.