For the Record – Kids learning how to code is an investment in their future

Ali Pitargue – May 16th, 2019

Coding literacy could be essential for job prospects in children’s futures. Arif Riyanto / Unsplash

Younger generations in modernized societies do not know what it’s like to live without tech. In the fast-paced, ever-changing technological age, their livelihoods are interconnected with technology.

This is why plenty of computer programming instructors, like Jamie Chang, are making a case for kids to be educated in developing and programming technology. Chang founded Under the GUI (UTG)—an after-school academy that teaches kids Grades 1 to 12 about computer programming.

Kids get to learn how program video games, apps, and software, as well as other skills applicable to the STEM fields.

Among the students at UTG, Chang recalls how students are able to use the sills they’ve learned to innovate in unique ways. He cites how a girl was able to create an asteroid video game that is inclusive of blind people, as well as a boy who created a game that quirkily re-enacts U.S.-Mexico border politics in space.

Chang says having these skills at a young age maximizes their learning ability for higher-level functions as they grow older. This would benefit their future hiring prospects a better edge.

“I think the question at its core is about jobs in the future, or the majority of the problems that people have to solve in the future. And, I think that the majority of the jobs, at least in the near-term future—in the next five of ten years—is going to be something related to software.” – Jamie Chang, Founder of Under the GUI

He commends the Vancouver School Board for initiatives to modify the education curriculum, where it’s less about learning facts that are easily searchable on the web, but more about teaching applicable skills. This is especially true for coding and software.

To add to this, Chang mentioned that Under the GUI plans to bring their curriculum to online. They launched a website called, an online learning module to help kids understand programming languages.

Listen to the full ‘For the Record’ interview with Jamie Chang: