Morning Headlines: May 15, 2019

Maria Vinca / May 15, 2019

John Horgan is calling for a public inquiry today on money laundering
(John Horgan /

Premier John Horgan’s cabinet will announce the final decision on a public inquiry into money laundering today

Horgan has been debating calling a public inquiry on money laundering in BC casinos, real estate market and the purchase of luxury cars.

He was concerned that the progress in dealing with the issues wouldn’t move forward.

But recently, his thoughts changed.

 “I believe the public should be able to see what the former government knew and when they knew it.”- John Horgan

Over 80 people become ill after Norovirus spreads at a Vancouver hotel.

Vancouver Costal Health say about 40 staff members and 40 guests from the Sheraton hotel in Richmond were affected by the illness.

Norovirus is an infection of the digestive system that can cause upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea within one to two days of exposure. Other symptoms include nausea, cramping, chills and fever.

The hotel was forced to completely shut down and remain closed.

The cause of the outbreak is still not known.

Sheraton airport hotel in Richmond where over 80 people were affected by the Norovirus.
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This is a representation of the government’s plan to improve the Lynn Valley Interchange. (Ministry of Transportation)

District of North Vancouver goes to court against woman accused of interfering with highway project

A North Vancouver woman is refusing to leave her home to allow for completion of the Lower Lynn Interchange project.

The District of North Vancouver is going to court in a bid to demolish the home of a woman accused of interfering the $198 million highway project.

The woman, whos home was expropriated by the district for the project, was given 4 months to move out of the house but says she needs more time to pack-up her belongings.