Vancouver ranks 37th worldwide as a bike friendly city due to accident rates

Maria Vinca / May 14, 2019

Vancouver wants to improve infrastructure in order to make cycling safer
(Hub Cycling / Instagram)

Despite all the new implemented bike lanes in Vancouver, the city is still not considered as bike friendly as people thought.

A new report released with data gathered by German insurance company Coya, looks at the rate of injuries involving vehicles and cyclists.

Montreal is still ahead of Vancouver ranking 18th in the world for being a bike friendly city.

The report shows that the Vancouver has a higher rate of accidents with over 1400 reported accidents out of 100,000 cyclists. In comparison Montreal with just under 1000.

Despite Vancouver’s ranking, a local cycling advocate believes other cities have had a head start.

“All of the cities above us have been investing longer than Vancouver, for a few decades, and so we’re on our way there.” – Erin O’Mellin / HUB Executive Director

The State of Cycling in Metro Vancouver

A Metro Vancouver cycling group called HUB, is working with Translink and the province in order to implement newer and better resources for cycling across the urban region.

According to city of Vancouver, approximately 60% of serious injuries and fatalities from vehicles involve pedestrians or cyclists.

HUB is working on a project called The State of Cycling, that focuses on better understanding of existing and planned regional cycling facilities. Their goal is to simplify the measurements of the province’s progress towards safer cycling in Metro Vancouver.

The State of Cycling project will be the first that focuses solely on cycling safety, at the regional scale in Metro Vancouver.

These tips will make cycling safer for people using their bikes as transportation
(Luke Mcgrath / BCIT Journalism)

Despite Vancouver ranking 37th worldwide, O’Mellin believes the city is on the right path. She thinks there still needs to be work done with more infrastructure, more awareness and education implemented.

According to HUB, over 40% of people want to cycle but currently don’t, and for many it’s because they are scared of unsafe route conditions.  HUB created a new plan in order to implement more safe routes for bikers.

#UnGapTheMap is a new innovative way HUB is working with municipalities across Metro Vancouver.

There are over 400 priority gaps that if fixed would allow more people to cycle, more safely, more often. 

From 2020-2021, the plan will provide $24 million to municipalities for cycling infrastructure and an additional $9 million for upgrades to TransLink owned cycling facilities.