For The Record- What you need to know to ensure you’re Trail Ready

Caden Fanshaw / May 14, 2019

Luciano Nisi stands in front of a book store where he signed books for his fans who are now calling for the full print release of his book. (Twitter/ @MountainZone)

As BC’s temperatures warm up, and people feel the urge to go explore the back country in our province, Luciano Nisi says there’s some things to take into account before they leave city.

Nisi, is a working paramedic, a search and rescue veteran, and also has spent time in the Canadian Military with countless years of service starting as a teen. The Lower Mainlander also finds time for freelance writing and has written multiple books about his journey through the eyes of a paramedic and a book geared towards hiking safety titled “Trail Ready.”

One of the most troubling things Nisi says he has come across is preventable situations that have turned very dangerous or even deadly.

“A lot of people go to the outdoors and are not equipped prepared for some of the emergencies that might happen, when I wrote that book it was to aim the novice hiker for day hikes and just to bring some of the essentials on their hikes for some of the unforeseen emergencies.”

Luciano NisiAuthor of "Trail Ready"

The bare necessities

Some of the things Nisi says you should take into account before you step into the great outdoors.

  • Water, Nisi says you can never pack enough of it and getting dehydrated is one of the most common things happen to inexperienced hikers.
  • Food, Nisi encourages people to think about food in two parts. One being immediate food for the hike, like a bagged lunch. The second part being some emergency rations that you can carry in case something happens and you’re forced to endure the night.
  • Extra Clothing, at higher altitudes Nisi says the weather is extremely unpredictable and can change quickly. He did say it depends where you’re going though, the specific location and the elements of weather that you’ll endure on your hike.

“People always think nothing will happen to them, or if something does happen other people will be prepared and ready to jump in. People need to take their own safety into their own hands, and not rely on others.”

Luciano NisiAuthor of "Trail Ready"

To hear the full ‘For The Record’ listen below so you can take one more step in ensuring your safety on the trails this summer.