Johnny MacRae, Poet / Festival Director
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“What I see with the rise of spoken word and these movements is the possibility that the work the artists are doing today is something that will be moving poetry back to the social centre- back to place where people who need something to be heard look to the poets to be the leading voices. “

Johnny MacRaePoet, Verses Festival Organizer

Poetry has been a medium of self-expression for centuries. Though forms of poetry have changed over the years with the rise of the digital era and style changes- the art itself is still going strong. Poet Johnny MacRae is just one of the many people in the literary community in Vancouver that are pushing the art form forward. Every May, the city hosts the ‘Verses Festival of Words’ where artists come to share and celebrate their craft. The event takes place across multiple East Vancouver venues and has opened its doors to all walks of literary talent such as; storytellers, songwriters and anyone with a story to tell. Johnny speaks about the power of poetry and the impact it has on todays and tomorrow’s world.