For the Record – Forest Schooling

Taya Fast – May 3, 2019

Forest schooling is slowing taking over Canadian education. First started in Europe, the concept of forest schooling has jumped all around the world. According to Leap for Joy Open Air Learning Preschool – teacher and owner, Nadine Knelsen most counter cities have some version of a forest school.

What is forest schooling exactly?

Forest schooling is a concept surrounding education outside. “Classrooms” are within forests and outdoor spaces. Most schools don’t have any indoor spaces to go into. All the learning as well is nature based, without technology or toys. An interesting thriving concept, in a world that is leaning more towards a technological approach to everything.

Nadine says that kids now a days are too wrapped up in technology. She says that for children of this generation breaking away from technology helps with behavioural problems, teaches discipline and responsibility and allows kids to explore their imagination to the fullest.

“They’re recommending now that children have a 1000 hours of outdoor time in a year.  That is a lot of time children should be outdoors and you know, technology is denying them that. And the quality of play is going down.” – Nadine Knelsen

For parents who are concerned about sending their kids to a forest school. Knelsen says that weather wise, there is no bad weather, only un-prepared clothing. She continued to say that children learn to love all seasons while in forest school.