For the Record – The struggles and rewards of being a female entrepreneur

Taya Fast – May 2, 2019

There are less women who own businesses than men. Just Cakes Bakeshop owner Raveena Oberoi says women are less likely to take a risk, where men are. But the the risk she says, is worth taking.
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Owner of Just Cakes Bakeshop, Raveena Oberoi. She is graduate from UBC and Bellouet Conseil in France. Now she is pastry chef and self-taught baker. Raveena on her own, started Just Cakes from the ground up. She now has 17K followers on Instagram, a team of 12 and 100s of pasrtrys and cakes are now made in her store.
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Starting your own business is taking a major risk.

Just Cakes Bakeshop owner, Raveena Oberoi believes there aren’t more lady entrepreneurs because women are less likely to take major risks than men.

Statistics show that 23 percent of business are owned by women, when another 27 percent are owned by men. And the women who do own business make 58 percent less than men.

“ When I first started, people were like you won’t be successful there. You’re not going to last six months. Six months and you’ll be out. I don’t know if that was because I was young, or because I am South Asian or because there wasn’t an evident man in the kitchen. People just looked at us like we were fluffy. Or people think I am dumb, in a business sense, because I am a woman.” – Raveena Oberoi

Oberoi has a thriving bakery in Surrey. What started as a home business quickly grew to a full store. She has over 17 thousand followers on Instagram and can now support a team of 12. She says her business is a testament of hard work and passion, and her age and gender have nothing to do with any hurdles or successes she has.

Listen to the full interview with Raveena Oberoi, as we talk about what its like to own a business as a woman

“If you’re disrupting the thought process that everyone is used to, that is a good thing. You are staying in the minds of people. So just go for it, just do it. If you truly, truly believe in something then just go for it, full force head on.”

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