For the Record – Kidsplay Foundation needs more support to be successful

Anmol Aujla – May 2, 2019

“We can use more funding, I’ll be honest with you, the only reason we are able to sustain and survive is because of the donations from the community.”

Kal DosanjhFounder and President of Kidsplay Foundation

(Kidsplay Foundation)

After the second youth fatality in just under a week, founder of the Kidsplay Foundation states that non-profit organizations are not able to gain a large reach because they are in need of more funding and awareness of the parents.

Kal Dosanjh the founder and president of the Kidsplay Foundation emphasize that the only way foundations like his survive is because of the generosity of the community. Dosanjh explains that out of every ten kids the association comes across at least two will slip through. However, with the kids they reach and impact the lack of funding from the government will always play a part.

Dosanjh shares that apart from the lack of funding it takes more than just these associations to protect the youth from becoming involved in gang activities. He explains that the protection starts with the knowledge of the parents. Dosanjh says that until parents accept and become aware of what their kids are doing no association will work.

When asked if the community will see more programs that involve the parents of the youth, he argued that there has been but the attendance rate was disappointingly low.

Dosanjh shared that as an association he will continue to shove the help and the programs into the community and hope for the best. As for the kids that continue to lose themselves to gangs, it will take more than just an association, it will take more support from both the parents and the government.

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