For the Record – Let’s talk: The ongoing water crisis

Taya Fast – May 1, 2019

Founder of Run for Water, Peg Peters. Peg has been working for the past 12 years to try and provide clean water to communities in Ethiopia.
(@runforwater / Instagram)

Run for Water is a race that happens every year in Abbotsford BC. All the funds raised in each race go towards providing clean water, and education possibilities in Ethiopia.
(@runforwater / Instagram)

There are over a billion people without access to clean water in the world. Every 19 seconds a child dies from lack of clean water.

Most rural communities in Ethiopia lack access to clean water. Girls walk miles outside of their communities to find water supplies, that is often contaminated and unsafe to drink. These girls are missing out on school to collect dirty water.

“We’re losing a generation of young people who are not getting educated. Because girls are walking to get water, and that’s the cycle we are trying to stop.” – Peg Peters

As our planet warms up, the rivers that these girls walking to have started to dry up. Restricting access to water even more.

“Western countries – We have exploited and used natural resources on our planet not thinking that it has any impact on anyone but us. But when we change the way our planet is warming, and global warming goes on these are the people that are effected first.” – Peg Peters

Run for water has drilled over 60 wells in different communities around Ethiopia over the past 12 years. Their efforts have helped give over 400 00 people access to clean water.

The estamated billion people without water, has now gone down 20 percent. As of 2016, it was estimated to be 700 million people. This is thanks to the work non-profit organizations like Run for Water, have done over the years.