For the Record – Let’s Talk Organ Donation

Taya Fast – April 30, 2019

Organ Donation Activist Hailey Cheema. Haily has been fighting for open conversations about organ donation, and transplants for the past seven years. She has partnered with school districts, the Kidney Foundation of Canada and. Live Then Give.
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Right now, Canada has over 5000 people waiting for a transplant of some kind. Approximately 300 of those people will pass away every year because of a lack of registered donors.

In British Columbia alone, there are 600 people awaiting transplants, and even though BC had a recording-setting 502 lives saved by organ transplants last year, the conversation needs to be louder about becoming a donor.

The current system in BC, called opt-out means that no one is considered a donor unless they register online with BC Transplant. Nova Scotia became the first province in North America to pass a motion making organ donation all presumed consent, the opposite of how BC works.

Organ Donation Activist, Hailey Cheema says that presumed consent is the way to go, it ensures a jump in the number of registered donors. That being said, it should still be an open conversation between family and friends.

Organ donation helps create a healthier and longer living future. One organ donor has the potential to save up to eight lives. Eight more lives that could live longer on earth, because of a transplant.

“Moving to an opt-out system, it can make some people feel like their autonomy is being restricted and as well it is an emotional topic when it comes to religious beliefs. I would say [to the people opting out] that they do have the right to opt-out and that is something that we should openly be talking about.”

Hailey CheemaOrgan Donation Activist

Most recent Donor and Transplant statistics as of March 2019.
(BC Transplant)

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