For the Record – The challenges of an international student

Anmol Aujla – April 30, 2019

“We have to pay three times more, but the thing is if we’re not able to take courses — meaningful to us it’s hard for us to afford.”

(Jasleen Taak)

According to a survey done by the government of British Columbia, there are five schools where 15% of the total population are international students. The survey illustrates the growing number of international students each year. Due to the high enrollment rate, multiple students are forced onto wait-lists and most the time are not able to get into their classes. The unavailability of many courses force students to push their graduation date, or for students like Jasleen Taak apply for another visa.

Taak has been going to Kwantlen Polytechnic University for almost two years now and has almost hit her two year limit on her student visa. Due to the constant wait-lists, Taak has been unable to meet the timeline the government provided her with.

Taak emphasizes the financial burden these unavailable classes have put her in, as she is currently balancing two jobs at once to make payments. According to the visa requirements, to maintain a student visa the student must be enrolled in three classes each semester to qualify. Unfortunately for Taak, many of those classes have been the ones she is not in need of, but she is forced to take them if she wants to continue her studies in Canada.

Due to the delay in Taaks studies, she is now required to file for an alternative visa this September so she can be granted the right to her education. However, if she is disapproved Taak will be forced to go back to India to complete her degree.

“In September I’ll be here for two years and the experience has been quite good.”

Jasleen TaakFull Time International Student


Jalandhar, Bundala


Surrey, British Columbia

Listen here for the full interview with Jasleen Taak.