Morning Headlines: April 26, 2019

Caroline Ssemanda / April 26, 2019

Emergency officials are going door to door advising Bracebridge residents to evacuate.

Flooding warning continues in certain regions of Ontario 

Parts of Ontario in the cottage country and Ottawa are in a state of emergency after a flood hit the town of Bracebridge earlier this week.

Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning for Bracebridge which will receive 40 millimetres of rain. With the new onslaught of rain, lakes and the Muskoka River may rise to dangerous levels.

With high levels of water in the Ottawa river and the oncoming heavy rainfall, Ottawa officials have declared a state of emergency.

Environment Canada forecasts up to 35 millimetres of rainfall for Ottawa.

Other regions in Ontario that are bracing for possible flooding are areas between central Ontario and northern New Brunswick.

Man hospitalized by Champlain Heights Townhouse Fire 

A townhouse became ablaze last night around 7pm near Blake Street and Champlain crescent.

According to officials the man was trapped in the basement after the stairs caught fire. By the time he was rescued, the steps were severely burned.

Fire officials say that it was difficult to remove the man from the fire due to his size. He is currently in the hospital and his dog was found dead at the scene.

The fire was contained to the suite and nearby townhouses were not affected.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire.

Fire officials say that 10 firefighters were needed to rescue the man from the basement of the townhouse.

The first time the Southsiders walked out was on April 17th.

Southsiders plan to walk out a 2nd time

The Southsiders, a Vancouver Whitecaps fan group, are once again calling on the organization to take action against a former coach of the U-20 women’s team.

They are planning their second walk out at the 35th minute of Saturday’s game in protest of the team’s handling of past abuse allegations.

The Southsiders want to make it known that they are still in support of the players and that their walkout is to support the women and direct change from the executives.