Morning Headlines: April 25, 2019

Caroline Ssemanda / April 25, 2019

The BC Privacy Commissioners want to take the social media giant to court.

Facebook under fire again for breaking Canadian privacy laws 

According to a report released by the federal and BC privacy commissioners, Facebook released the personal information of hundreds of thousands of Canadians. Again, this time “committing serious contraventions of Canadian privacy law” states the report.

Facebook users personal information was not protected. As a result, outside sources had access to it which was used for political purposes.

Facebook’s previous scandal dealt with releasing information to Cambridge Analytica through an app.

BC privacy commissioners say that there’s a urgent need for stronger privacy laws.

Local leaders calling for a massive change to Massey Tunnel 

Metro-Vancouver mayors are coming together to push for a new tunnel to replace the consistent traffic that plagues the George Massey Tunnel.

Mayors from Delta, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, White Rock and the Chiefs of the Musqueam Indian Band and Tsawwassen First Nation met in February where a letter was written to John Horgan for this request. The letter was sent to Horgan on March 29th.

In the letter the leaders proposed the construction of an eight lane crossing with six lanes for regular traffic and two for rapid traffic. They hope for it to be a tunnel to increase its function for decades to come.

The Massey tunnel always has a large influx of traffic that causes commuters a lot of stress.

Animal activist thinks that Pork industry is trying to focus on intrusion to take away from the conditions on the farm.

BC Pork investigates mistreatment of pigs in Abbotsford farm

A video was released by an animal rights activist of the dismal conditions some pigs were in at an Abbotsford farm. The video was shared by PETA. BC Pork Association and BC SPCA are now investigating the allegations.

The BC Pork Association says that the video lacked context and that the activist was intruding.

In the video shared by PETA, it shows several scenes of pigs in horrible conditions. BC Pork have sent a veterinarian to make sure things are up to code.