For the Record – Exploring Canada’s deepest cave near Fernie, B.C.

Nikita Nayak – April 25, 2019

“It’s an amazing experience to be a part of new exploration and to be one of the first humans to ever set foot in a place. In a cave like this which requires a lot of rope work, it can be guaranteed that no human had ever been to these places before.”

Christian Stenner Canadian Cave Explorer

The cave is extremely narrow in places and has calcite crystal formations ( Jeremy Bruns / Bisaro Plateau Caves Project )

The cave is extremely narrow in places and has colourful calcite formations

The Bisaro Anima Cave is confirmed to be the deepest cave not just in Canada but north of Mexico. Currently determined to be 670 metres, it can accomodate the 553 metres tall CN Tower, with room to spare. The bottom of the cave is yet to be discovered.

Calgary-based Christian Stenner is one of 30 expert cave explorers who have been to the cave and have attempted to map it. They will be going to the cave in winter of this year. The cave is located near Fernie, BC, on the slopes of the Bisaro Mountain plateau.

The cave system stretches out for 5.3 km underground with one narrow entrance, tucked away far from civilization. Replete with underground waterfalls, deep canyons and sharp vertical drops, the cave is a navigation challenge for cave explorers who need ropes and sturdy technical gear to maintain safety.