Another safe school is funded $12.8 million for seismic upgrades

Caroline Ssemanda / April 24, 2019

Rob Fleming addresses the crowd assembled about making Manoah Stevens a safe structure for children and staff.
(Anmol Aujla / BCIT News)

Education Minister Rob Fleming announced today that the government will be providing funding to Manoah Steves elementary for renovations.

The government has invested $12.8 million to make the elementary school earthquake safe.

Especially in the wake of the two earthquakes off the coast of Vancouver Island, the element of preparedness in case of an emergency is important.

Manoah Steves Elementary school’s structure has been standing since the 1960’s and some parts of the school require further renovations to make the building safer for the children and staff.

Minister Fleming says the school can expect more than just a safer building.

“We do have a job to do as government, to make sure students are safe and protected in case of an earthquake. The great thing about this investment is it’s not just about making the school safer it’s to allow us to upgrade classrooms to have better classroom space including this gymnasium that will be a part of this project to be upgraded.” – Rob Fleming, Education Minister

Administrative offices will be closed and rebuilt in the fall and classrooms and the gymnasium will be reconstructed throughout the school year.

Once construction is done the total capacity of the school will be reduced by 25 and will remain with room for 40 kindergarten students and 325 elementary students.

Fleming says, that if there is a need for more room for students, the government has the budget to provide space for the students.

The Montessori program at the elementary school will be temporarily relocated to Grauer Elementary in September 2019 until renovations are completed.

An old aerial shot of Manoah Stevens elementary.
(City of Richmond / Archives)

Present day picture of Manoah Steves.

This is part of the government’s initiative to make schools safer in British Columbia. Manoah Steves elementary is the 4th school approved for seismic upgrades this month.

The other schools approved for seismic upgrades are Mitchell elementary, Hugh Boyd secondary, Tait elementary and Ferris elementary.

with files from Anmol Aujla / BCIT News