BCIT residence rent spikes for 2019-2020 school year

Caroline Ssemanda / April 23, 2019

BCIT students living on residence are expected to pay a $55 increase on rent by September 2019.

At BCIT’s Burnaby campus, a notice of rent hikes was sent out to students residing in residences for the 2019 – 2020 school year.

The rent will jump to $665 beginning in September 2019. This was met with discontent from students who felt blindsided by the message from the BCIT Housing Office.

The Maquinna Residence is the overarching house name for all the resident buildings on campus and the residence offers cleaning services and events for student residents.

The BCIT Housing Office made clear in their statement why the increase was happening.

“The increase reflects a need to support necessary renovations and improvements to the Maquinna Housing buildings. The BCIT residence buildings were built between 1978 and 1982 and, while they have been well maintained, they are now reaching end of life.” – BCIT Housing Office

The past rent for residence was $610 per month but has now jumped to a $55 increase. When comparing rental price hikes in British Columbia, landowners can only increase rent by 4.5% annually.

The increase on the BCIT Burnaby campus is by 9%.

Although campus’ do not adhere to the province’s rent increase, the jump in price is quite abrupt.

BCIT student, Kaitie Thompson, is a resident on campus and like many other residents she is not pleased with the rent increase.

Kaitie Thompson is a student resident who feels the rent increase will be difficult to manage in the upcoming school year.
(Matthew Abrey / BCIT News)

“$610 a month was really reasonable and now it’s almost $700 where I can probably find a basement suite with someone and split for about the same. So it’s not too bad, it’s convenient that it’s close to campus but other than that I could probably find something better” – Kaitie Thompson, Maquinna resident

Even after rent increase, BCIT still sits at the lowest for rent.
(Purvi Sharma / BCIT News)

In each of the residences, there are 12 students in total and a grouping of 6 students share a kitchen, with one fridge and stove and a shared bathroom on their floor.

In their statement, the BCIT Housing Office says, “with this increase BCIT Housing rental rates will remain below other Post-secondary schools in the Lower Mainland for the 2019 – 2020 school year. This new rental rate also remains below average rental rates for similar units in Burnaby.”

When doing a comparison of BCIT’s campus renting prices to other post-secondary institutions BCIT stood up to the test.

with files from Matthew Abrey / BCIT News