Vancouver named rattiest city in B.C

Carol Xu / April 16, 2019

The most common rodents in Vancouver are the Norway rat, the roof rat and the house mouse.
(Tambako The Jaguar / Flickr)

Since the beginning of the spring, two rats have been roaming around at Sunny Vadladhi’s house.They haven’t damaged any property yet, but they are affecting his sleep at night.

“I am from India and in India it’s a common problem because there are a lot of rats in India, so I didn’t feel scared, but annoyed to be honest because this is the only thing I look forward to, but now here are rats as well.” – Sunny Vadladhi, Vancouver resident

Canada’s largest pest control company, Orkin, released the annual list of rattiest cities in BC and Vancouver ranked number one three years in a row. Victoria placed second, followed by Burnaby and Richmond.

Vancouver city councillor Rebecca Bligh says, Vancouver and Victoria as port cities are more likely to have rat problems because that’s how rats travel historically.

She thinks the issue is under control, but the city is paying close attention to make sure the rat problem does not get worse.

“For us public safety and public health is a very important issue for us to always stay on top of. When it comes to any rodents or rats. If there’s concerns around that, that would be our number one priority and we will continue to work with service providers to make sure the rat problem is mitigated to the best of our ability.” – Rebecca Bligh, Vancouver City Councillor

BC SPCA reminds residents to control the rat population with humane ways.

If you want to learn how to patch a rodent hole, check out this website for more information.

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