For the Record – Skate Goats Coordinator Suki Chhoeun

By Natalia Cuevas-Huaico/ April 11th, 2018

Credit: Facebook @weareskategoats

For the April 11th edition of For the Record, I spoke with Suki Chhoeun who is one of the event coordinators at Skate Goats.

Suki and her colleagues host an all-female skateboarding night aiming to connect female skateboarders in Vancouver, BC and beyond.

Vancouver is known to have a rich skateboard scene and women have recently begun filling the streets, local skate-parks, and ramps all over the city.

Suki and I spoke about the first time she picked up a board and how the skate community in Vancouver is a close-knit family that is always there to pick you up when you fall.