Morning Headlines: April 10, 2019

Josh Kilner / April 10, 2019

Police say the incident occurred right before midnight Tuesday evening.

(@SurreyRCMP / Twitter)

One dead after shooting at Surrey townhouse complex 

A man has died following a shooting at a Surrey townhouse complex late Tuesday evening.

Police said shots were fired in the Newton Area just before midnight, in the 13200 block of 72 Avenue. The victim was found injured at the scene, but succumbed to his injuries.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Surrey RCMP.

First ever photograph of black hole revealed

Astronomers using the Event Horizon Telescope have captured a photo of a black hole for the first time ever.

An international team comprised of more than 200 scientists spent more than a decade working to snap the shot.

The black hole pictured here is one of the largest known in existence, approximately 6 billion times larger than our sun.

This image shows the black hole at the centre of Messier 87, a galaxy that’s 50 million light-years from Earth.

(@NASA / Twitter)

The data shows that B.C. has seen the smallest price increase since legalization, from $6.89 per gram to $7.15.


StatsCan says the price of pot has gone up 17% since legalization

According to Statistics Canada, cannabis prices overall have increased 17% since legalization back in October.

The numbers indicate that Canadians paid $6.85 per gram for pot prior to legalization. Since then, the price has increased to $8.04 per gram.

The StatsCannabis database was crowdsourced, receiving over 19,000 submissions from users before legalization.