Vancouver Park Board Commissioner wants to extend CRAB park

Jenny Cameron / April 3, 2019

Park Commissioner wants CRAB park in Vancouver expanded to the west.

Vancouver Park Board Commissioner, John Irwin, is hoping the city will approve his proposal to extend CRAB Park towards the west.

His proposal comes after a project permit was approved last year for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s project to build improvements along the terminal. Irwin says this would disrupt views from CRAB Park and create more traffic for the community.

“By moving further to the left a little bit people can at least get to one part of the park and see a better view.” John Irwin, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner.

Irwin says he has met with community members in the area and they are interested in getting an arts and cultural centre at the park as well as a walkway from Columbia Street for easier accessibility.

“The neighbourhood is also going to experience a vast increase in traffic – rail traffic, truck traffic, so in my opinion, it’s being a good neighbour – helping the community to improve their park a little bit.” John Irwin, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner.

According to Irwin, the support has almost been unanimous.

Irwin says it would be helpful to have the city on board to move this project forward because the land is leased by the port and, therefore, owned by the federal government.

He says he is preparing his proposal to present to council on April 15, 2019.