Morning Headlines: April 4, 2019

Graham Cox / April 4, 2019

Wesley Clarkson
(New Westminster Police)

Man charged with sexual offences involving children in New Westminister

33-year-old Wesley Clarkson has been charged with a total of ten accounts of sexual offences, all involving girls under ten years old. Clarkson was arrested Wednesday by the New Westminister police major-crime unit and is being held in custody pending a court appearance.

Police, however, are still searching for other possible victims.

“Detectives from the NWPD Major Crime Unit believe there could be more victims who have yet to come forward,” Sgt. Jeff Scott said in the release. “The victims of these alleged offences are all girls who were under the age of 10 years old at the time. Mr. Clarkson has been convicted of similar offences in the past in Ontario.”

Investigators said they’d like to speak to anyone who might know anything that could help advance the case.

Vancouver gas prices match record-highs

As of Thursday, Vancouver pumps matched the previous record, which was $1.63 back on October 13th, 2018. That spike was the direct result of a gas shortage caused by a bursting pipeline north of Prince George. This week it is a different story. Earlier in the week, BC’s carbon tax increased, leading to a steady climb in prices at the pump, but according to an expert, it isn’t expected to slow down.

Dan McTeague, a Senior Petroleum Analyst with, tweeted about the rising prices, stating that the region will see a new record of 164.9 cents per litre on Friday. He also confirmed in the tweet that the 1.16 cent rise in carbon taxes that kicked in on Monday made the situation much worse.

In addition to the carbon tax, McTeague said that other factors, such as gasbars hiking their retail margins, are contributing to the rising prices as well and he suggests that Metro Vancouver could see spikes of up to $1.70 during the summer.

Avengers: Endgame is the fourth and final installment of the series.

Avengers: Endgame ticket resales in Vancouver going for $1000

One-thousand dollars for a movie ticket seems absurd, but to some Craigslist posters, it is justifiable.

After tickets rapidly sold-out to the Avengers: Endgame premiere, movie-goers who missed out on the standard $18 ticket on Cineplex had to find other solutions. With tickets only available on the secondary market, prices are reaching astronomical numbers. One Craigslist posting for Cineplex in Langley is offering nine tickets for $1000 each. Another user is beckoning for those interested to send bids. “Make me an offer. I’m reasonable, but I’d like to make a bit of profit,” the post reads.

It was evident that fans have been itching for the arrival of Avengers: Endgame because when tickets went on sale Tuesday, the rush caused Cineplex’s website to crash. Regardless of the technical difficulties, tickets were snatched up quickly, particularly for the special premiere event. According to, in addition to allowing fans to see the film first, the premiere is offering “exclusive content, a collectable coin and a special event-only concession offer.”

Although some may balk at the hulk-sized prices, there is no denying the series’ popularity. All three previous Avengers movies rank within the top ten highest-grossing movies of all-time.

The much-anticipated fourth and final installment of Disney’s Avengers saga is set to open in Vancouver theatres on April 25th.