For the Record – Tanner Hall, a life of progression

Landon McGauley – April,4 , 2019

Tanner Hall while filming for his 2017 movie “Here After”

Tanner Hall has had his share of trials and tribulations throughout his career. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be a professional skier and picked up his first paid sponsorship when he was 15 years old and for good or bad has been in the ski industry spotlight since then. From horrific and viral crash videos, winning X-Games gold medals to his outspoken stance all these things make Hall the man he is today.

For years Hall was dominant in the park and pipe contest scene, winning 11 X-Games medals and multiple skiers of the year titles. Later in his career Hall transitioned his time from the park and pipe into the backcountry, putting out video segments on steep, dangerous terrain all over the world.

This year at the age of 35 years old Hall embarked on a new task. He decided to try and move his skill to compete in the Freeride world tour, an event where skiers travel to five different spots around the world and are given one run down a steep cliff filled face. Hall had decent success in his first year with a second place finish in the first event and ended up finishing ninth overall in the world.

In this For The Record, Hall talks about returning from injury, changing sponsors and preparing himself to compete against skiers ten years younger then him.

To say Tanner Hall has had some extreme and drastic peaks and valleys in his career would be a great understatement. Almost every high is contradicted by a low. Below is a timeline of the last 35 years for the Montana born profession skier.