Wildfire in Squamish may be forecasting what BC Summer will look like

Jenny Cameron / April 2, 2019

Due to a dry march, BC may in for a tough wildfire season.
(@BCGovFireInfo / twitter)

A suspected human made wildfire in Squamish, BC, has grown to about 15 hectares today.

The fire is about 17.5-kilometre northwest of Squamish and is burning up slope, which is making it difficult for crews to navigate. The Coastal Fire Centre, however, says they don’t think the fire will go over the slope and there are currently no structural damages.

“People will be seeing smoke… for some people that can be very uncomfortable, so we encourage people to be careful in smoky areas.” – Dorthe Jakobsen, Communications Assistant with Coastal Fire Centre

There are 22 firefighters, an officer and a helicopter battling the blaze with officials hoping the expected precipitation coming on Wednesday will help them put the fire out.

Due to the BC’s dry march and cold February, Jakobsen says there is a lot of dead biomass. He also stated that with everything being so dry, people need to be careful if they’re doing any backyard burning and emphasized it is a good idea to for residents to fire smart their homes.

“The weather folks are saying, at this moment, we’re looking into a slightly warmer and wetter Summer, so if we get a dry Spring, it does impact the fire season for sure.” – Dorthe Jakobsen, Communications Assistant with Coastal Fire Centre

Jakobsen says timing is everything when it comes to the time and location that precipitation falls. Since BC has lots of micro-climates on the coast that is something they will be keeping a close eye on.

Although it is only early on in April, there are already 6 wildfires burning in BC.