Morning Headlines: April 1st, 2019

Graham Cox / April 1, 2018

Changes to ICBC claims are set to kick in on April 1st, 2019 (

Trial lawyers to launch court challenge against new ICBC regulations

The Trial Lawyers Association of B.C. (TLABC) is taking the provincial government to court over ICBC changes that come into effect April 1st.

The organization is arguing that these changes, which include a cap of $5,500 on claims for minor injuries and establishment of a civil resolution tribunal to adjudicate certain claims, violate the Constitution of Canada.

According to a press release, the TLABC stated “The regulations will make it that much more challenging for British Columbians to protect their rights after being injured on the road.”

Gas prices expected to rise as BC’s carbon tax hike kicks in

British Columbian drivers can expect to pay more at the pump and that is no (April fools) joke.

Starting today, the carbon tax is increasing from $35 per tonne of Co2, or equivalent emissions, to $40 per tonne, which will add about one cent per litre at gas stations.

On Sunday, it some Vancouver gas stations were charging as much as 158.9 cents per litre. With that number expected to rise, experts are anticipating it might not be long before prices reach an all-time high.

The highest price ever paid by Metro Vancouver drivers was 163.9 cents a litre on Oct. 13, 2018.

Gas prices are on the rise again in Metro Vancouver (Pixabay)

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Mississauga-native RJ Barrett was one of 19 Canadians in this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament. (@DukeMBB / Twitter)

Final Canadian player eliminated from men’s NCAA March Madness tournament

Canadian basketball sensation RJ Barrett and his first-seeded Duke Blue Devils were eliminated from play at the NCAA national championships on Sunday, marking the end of Canada’s representation.

The tournament began with a total of 19 players from north of the border with Barrett, widely considered to be a top-prospect for this year’s NBA draft, the lone standing Canadian left in contention before Sunday’s defeat.

Just one day earlier, Vancouver’s own Brandon Clarke was also eliminated when his Gonzaga team fell to Texas Tech.