Morning Headlines: March 28, 2019

Laura Johnston / March 28, 2019

Investigators in Indonesia believe faulty data from a sensor caused the MCAS system to push the Lion Air flight down towards the ocean, as the pilots battled against it.

Boeing proposes safety-focused software updates for 737 MAX aircrafts

Boeing unveiled updates to a software system and the pilot training of its signature 737 MAX plane yesterday. This is the most direct attempt to fix part of the plane’s design that investigators believe led to two recent fatal crashes.

The plane is assembled in in Renton, Washington, at Boeing’s plant, and there pilots ran through flight simulator scenarios that were observed by over 200 pilots.
Safety compliance documents are expected to be finalized and submitted to regulators later this week.
Currently all 737 MAX planes are grounded worldwide in the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines crash earlier this month. When they will be deemed safe again will depend on the decision of each individual country’s regulators.

IHIT identifies victims in Surrey crash, similar crash occurs again this morning

Surrey’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has identified the victims of the deadly single-vehicle crash to be a mother and two sons.

Earlier this morning, another single vehicle crash in South Surrey, has sent both its passengers to hospital. The 15 year old driver of a BMW SUV is in critical condition and a 16 year old passenger suffered minor injuries.

The accident happened around 4:15 a.m. in the area of 32 Avenue and 137A Street.

Police say a BMW SUV crashed into a tree and caught on fire.

Surrey RCMP are once again asking any witnesses to come forward with information.

Wow Air provided bargain flights between North America and Europe.
(@wow-air / Twitter)

Icelandic discount airline suddenly halts all operation

Passengers have been left stranded without any communication from the airline.

On its website, the airline simply stated it has ceased operations, and as a result “all WOW Air flights have been cancelled.”

The airline suggested that customers with tickets could ask their credit card providers to refund the ticket, and directed passengers to other airlines.

Rival Icelandic airline Icelandair has offered discounted seats to passengers where available.

The airline has grounded all 27 flights scheduled to take off today, stranding around 2,700 people.