Prime Minister Trudeau’s west coast visit leads to Maple Ridge, promotes new federal budget

Noah Bergstrom / March 26, 2019

Screen shot of CBC live feed, Trudeau meets with Maple ridge home owners / CBC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed the importance of federal support for municipal and provincial initiatives Monday morning in Maple Ridge. Trudeau also reiterated his recently announced incentives for first time home buyers.

Standing inside a newly build townhouse development, the Prime Minister was flanked by a young couple representing first time home buyers. The first time buyer incentive is being implemented as part of the proposed federal budget, 5% of a homes value will be the max benefit for old homes and as much as 10% can be collected on new builds.

In a time where the city continues to search for solutions to their homelessness problem, that announcement wasn’t what was expected. When Trudeau was asked about Anita Place he alluded to the fact that housing wasn’t federal responsibility.

“It’s not for the federal government to determine what is best for a particular neighbourhood or a particular community but it is up for us to be partners on the plans and projects people like the Mayor have for their communities and that is exactly what we do.” 

Justin TrudeauPrime Minister

Trudeau managed to walk the line regarding the issue, neither backing the city or the provinces housing Minister Selina Robinson. Both powers have presented plans that were met with concerns, and an inability to agree has allowed the tent city to thrive since 2017. Modular housing will be required to lift the residents out of Anita Place, but the city seems to want any new development to go up next to their already established social housing, at Royal Crescent. Last week Robinson called that option “unworkable”, but instead the minister is backing 51 modular units rising at the 11700 block of Burnett street.

The Prime Minister’s trip west concludes tonight in Nanaimo, where Trudeau will push liberal support alongside byelection candidate Michelle Corfield.