Morning Headlines: March 26, 2019

Laura Johnston / March 26, 2019

Canada exports more canola than anyone else in the world.

China cracks down on second Canadian canola exporter

China is citing harmful pest concerns as the reason behind revoking the license of a second Canadian canola exporter. Regina-based Viterra Inc. is one of Canada’s main canola handlers.

Richardson International was the first company hit by a ban earlier this month when China claimed it found pests like fungus in the canola, halting all exports.

The Canola Council of Canada announced last week that Chinese importers are currently unwilling to purchase any Canadian canola seed. Around 40 per cent of Canadian canola typically goes to China, amounting in billions of dollars in orders.

NASA’s first all-female spacewalk cancelled

Astronauts Anne C. McClain and Christina H. Koch were meant to conduct a spacewalk on March 29, supported by an all-female crew on Earth.

NASA does not have enough space suits that fit the women to safely complete the space walk, so they have replaced McClain with astronaut Nick Hague.

Spacesuits are made up of many pieces, and both female astronauts required a medium-sized torso component, of which only one was available at the space station.

According to the NASA website, assembling a spacesuit is not a simple task, and two different suits with many pieces in proper sizes are needed.

Astronauts usually wear an orange spacesuit in the shuttle during launch and landing, and for time spent outside, astronauts wear an EMU (extravehicular mobility unit) spacesuit, designed to function as a personal spacecraft for the user.

The 2016 box office hit Sausage Party is voiced by Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill, and produced by Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures.

Vancouver animators win battle for overtime pay on ‘Sausage Party’

According to a determination report written by Rodney Strandberg, delegate of the director of employment standards in B.C., Nitrogen Studios “contravened Section 40 of the Employment Standards Act by failing to pay its employees overtime.”

Strandberg ordered the studio — now called Cinesite Vancouver Inc. — to pay a $500 fine and all the overtime pay.

Back in 2016, animators who worked on the R-rated film Sausage Party started to complain in the comments section of an article published online in the industry website Cartoon Brew.

Greg Tiernan, then-head of Nitrogen Studios,  talked about the success of the project, which prompted animators to respond that they hadn’t been paid overtime and when they left the production, they hadn’t appeared on the film’s credits.

Animators are the only group of film-industry workers in B.C. that aren’t unionized.